In 2022 the Seattle Mariners had one of their best seasons in over 20 years finally clinching a playoff spot in the wildcard. No, we didn't make it to the world series, but for the first time in 20 years, we watched a full team come together to achieve greatness.

Players like Eugenio Suarez, J.P Crawford, Cal Raleigh, Julio Rodriguez, and Carlos Santana, are some huge names that people are dying to see play live in T-Mobile Park in 2023. However, when teams have a really good year tickets usually skyrocket. Thankfully The Mariners made a good amount of money this season and are paying it forward to the fans.

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Ten Dollar Tickets to Seattle Mariners Games

The tickets will be only ten dollars for every game, however, there is a small catch. People asked if they had to sign up for this deal or do anything special to get the price. Others suspected that it would be certain games only, or that it would be for locals only, not quite.

Seattle Mariners will continue to sell ten-dollar bleacher seat tickets for the entire season for every home game. Some thought this was a bogus deal but we're gonna tell you why this is so amazing.

How to take advantage of 10 Dollar Tickets

Sure the tickets are for the bleachers but there's a reason why fans are so excited about this deal. Once you're in the park you are free to roam around and enjoy everything it has to offer. Including the beer garden in the right field, or Edgars Cantina in Left Field. You can even stay down near the bullpen to watch your favorite pitchers like Robbie Ray warm up. It also gives you a great chance to catch a home run ball, so those 10-dollar tickets can make some priceless memories. These ten-dollar tickets are just one of the multiple-value deals, so if you're looking to upgrade it may not cost you much more at all.


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