This Easter weekend and every weekend please keep in your thoughts and prayers the fighting men and women of the United States military. All branches of service ... past and present.

God Bless America. God Bless the Patriot Guard Riders.

This amazing group of individuals, dozens of them, came from as far away as Portland, Ore. to pay tribute and welcome home a fallen brother to his final resting place.

The Patriot Guard Riders escorted Staff Sgt. Austin Bieren home to Umatilla. Natural causes were given as the cause of death while deployed in northern Syria.

Funeral For Army Sergeant Killed During Ft. Hood Shooting
Getty - Patriot Guard Riders

The riders teamed up with police department members from Pasco and Umatilla, plus the Umatilla Fire District. The procession rolled through hail on Interstate 82 from Pasco to Umatilla where a huge American flag flew over the street and along the route more American flags everywhere with people standing and saluting giving their respects to a fallen airman finally home.

Rest In Peace.

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