Finally! The zebra who went missing last Sunday was captured on Friday.

The mare named "Shug" was located in the woods near Riverbend. Shug had been roaming the foothills of the Cascades in the last week.

Animal control officers with Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) teamed with private citizens in rescuing the rescuing the zebra. RASKC says the zebra is healthy after spending the last 6 days on the loose.

Shug will eventually continue her journey to a Montana animal sanctuary.

Read the original "Missing Zebra" article below.


The search continues for a missing zebra in North Bend, Washington.

The story unfolds on Sunday as a woman was in the process of transporting four zebras to a sanctuary in Montana. The woman pulled over on exit 32 of Eastbound 90 to secure the trailer. That's when things went awry. The zebras took the opportunity of the stop to escape the trailer. The King County Sheriff's Office was alerted to the situation at 12:52 pm. This was first for the North Bend community.

WSP Trooper Rick Johnson took to X to post about the zebras on the run:

The community came together to help corral the loose animals. Soon people were posting about the zebras on the run on various social media sites. One man posted that he could add "zebra wrangler" to his resume. Through team work, three of the zebras were eventually captured just before 2:40 pm.
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A female zebra remains missing, however was spotted on a resident's security camera.

Experts warn people not to attempt to capture the zebra yourself. Instead, call 911 or 206-296-7387 to report the zebra's location.

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