I knew when I landed a job in Washington that I had hit the big time.

That is, when it comes to the beauty of the magnificent Evergreen state. My husband and I moved to Kennewick in 2014. And, the city of Kennewick makes the list of the Best 100 Paces to Live in the country. According to Livibility.com four Washington towns make the list.

Tacoma is #60
Kennewick is #58
Spokane is #54
Vancouver is #26

How is the list of the Best 100 Places to Live determined?

According to Livibility.com, the list is compiled by using various subjects. Economy, housing, cost of living, safety, education, and health are among the data points that help develop the list. Livibility partnered with Applied Geographic Solutions to determine the top 100 towns.

Five towns in Oregon make the Livibility list of the Best 100 Places to Live


Salem is #77
Medford is #74
Eugene is #42
Hillsboro is #14
Beaverton is #11

Beaverton comes in at #11 on the Top 100 Best Places to Live. What a score! According to the listing:

Surrounded by natural areas and farmland, Beaverton boasts more than 90 parks, 1,500 acres of natural area and 60-plus miles of paved trails.

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Beaverton sounds like my kind of place. It's close to the big city of Portland, however, citizens enjoy a lower cost of living. Public transportation is available, and there's a balance of big companies and smaller businesses. Beaverton also received high marks for schools and health care. It's definitely a place to check out, if you're looking to move.

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