The man who created Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce and I actually have a personal connection. I was working at a Chicago radio station in the late 80's and this guy who created an award winning sauce wanted to do a promotion. It was a huge success and since then I have never seen a commercial or billboard for Sweet Baby Ray's. It's all been word of mouth because it's just so good. Now, it's everywhere and I don't know one single person that doesn't love it.

99% of the time, we just use Sweet Baby's but every now and then I need a change. Stubb's is good, Bone Suckin' Sauce is excellent, but not thick.

So I saw this BBQ Pete's sauce at Fred Meyer and gave it a shot since it's made in WA and featured at the Fair in Puyallup!

They have regular and spicy... I went with spicy and WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!

Do it, buy it, enjoy it....then back to Sweet Baby Rays LOL



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