KaHS mural removed (townsquare - A Broders by permission)
KaHS mural removed (townsquare - A Broders by permission)

Recently, it has been noticed by us, as well as various citizens, that a well-known mural has been removed from the north gym wall at Kamiakin High School. We've also learned the famous Native American logo is going to be re-imaged. Now we have some answers.

   A famous massive mural was removed without any public notice

The Kennewick School District has confirmed the traditional logos of Kamiakin are being redesigned and will debut this fall for the 2022-23 school year.

The famous mural, which was created (painted) in large part and donated by the Class of 1997, was taken down over a week ago without any widespread notice from the District.

 Now, we have some answers

In December 2021 KSD received permission to continue using the Braves mascot, but according to the District, the logos and artwork were revisited to ensure they pay proper respect to and reflect the culture of the Yakama Nation.

We have received information from a reliable source, who provided us some details via the Yakama Nation Review Newspaper. The paper reported on meetings between KSD Superintendent Traci Pierce and the Yakama Tribal Council last fall and again in December of 2021 to evaluate the mascot situation.

Following this re-evaluation and discussions, some images and artwork have been removed because they did not reflect the Yakama Nation culture or lifestyle. According to the information from the Yakama Nation Review, besides the mural, a picture of an Indian attack, a wooden face image of a chief, a wooden statue inside the school, and the also famous totem pole that was donated by a graduating class was also removed.

It was pointed out, according to the information we received, that the Yakama Nation did not make totem poles.

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As mentioned earlier, KSD has said the existing logos for the school are being redesigned and several will debut this fall. Several other District changes have been made regarding Native American mascots or references in schools.

The reason for these changes is from state legislation that passed in 2021, banning the use of Native American mascots at schools, unless they fall under certain criteria.

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