As of this posting, there are no Covid-19 vaccines available at the Benton Franklin Fairgrounds. But that is all supposed to change, as this is day one for vaccines to be handed out. Lieutenant Clem with the Kennewick Police Department gives a very informative video update below, and says that they should start giving shots around 1 p.m. today.  Remember, you can't just show up and expect to get vaccinated. You need to find your phase! Go to THIS LINK FROM WA HEALTH DEPT and find out if you qualify to get vaccinated in phase 1. I didn't have any luck going to the web page mentioned in the video below.

There will be a limited number of vaccinations given out today. When those are all gone, and you're still in line, you'll have to start all over again next time.  I see a lot of grateful people commenting on the post below from the Kennewick Police Department. But I must admit, I am still amazed by people that say they are going to refuse vaccination. I know a lot of people have different ideas on vaccinations, but I don't know if it's mostly because they are afraid of side effects, or are against all vaccinations period.

If you're heading out to the Fairgrounds, remember it is slick today. It will hit 38 degrees later today and even with tomorrow morning's wintery mix, it will be all gone by afternoon with a high on Tuesday of 40. The it will be warmer the rest of the week with highs in the mid-40's.



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