The Richland Parks and Recreation have resources to help community groups who want to improve a park, trail, recreational area, or open space. Your group can apply for these funds.

The Richland Parks and Recreation Department is looking for community groups that would like to volunteer to improve a park, trail, open space, or recreational facility.

They released a press release that says if you’ve got the dream, they can assist with resources.

The Richland Parks and Recreation Commission distributes up to $20,000 each year from the Park Reserve Fund.

Here is how your group can get those funds:

Matching grant funds are available for eligible community groups interested in making capital improvements to City parks, trails, open space, or recreational facilities.

The Park Partnership Program's goals are to improve or increase park and recreational opportunities for the general public, foster public initiative, and participation in developing city parks and recreational amenities, and to enhance the quality of life in Richland.

To apply, you can visit the Richland Parks and Recreation Website at and then click on “Programs and Events”.

You can also go directly by visiting The deadline to apply is Wednesday, March 3, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.

For more information, you can also call the program coordinator, 509-942-7463.

If you or your community group is interested in these funds and activities, reach out to the Richland Parks and Recreation Department.

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