Why is it some holidays are mostly an excuse to drink a little to much. We need more fun holidays for us 50 something type people.

When I was a younger man, I looked forward to St. Patrick's Day, and Cinco De Mayo, we tore it up till the sun came up, I'm not real proud of the way we looked sometimes. Memorial week end was a Rubbermaid garbage can full of fruit juice and 15 different kinds of adult beverages, slurping up the mess from plastic red cups while playing croquet in the woods. Every time your ball hit the big rock you had to take a shot, even as youngsters we were good for only about two games a day, then things just got fuzzy. Now that I'm older I try to stay up late and party on Presidents Day, Flag Day, Columbus Day, and then I really turn it loose on National Boss Day. Oh ya baby, last year it got so wild I lost a shoe and about 150 dollars, my wife is still looking for that. You kids go out and be young, have fun but always make good decisions.I will stay out of your way, I'll be home sipping a Mexican beer and watching the film classic, Zorro. Happy Cinco De Mayo.

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