Where Do People Party In The Tri-Cities?

If you are new to the Tri-Cities, you might not know about all the places you've got available for healthy robust nightlife here in the Columbia Basin.

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Where Are The Nighttime Hottest Spots In Tri-Cities Washington?

When I first moved to the Tri-Cities in 2007, I didn't know where to go and where to go to meet new people.

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It can sometimes be daunting to know where the hotspots are in the Tri-Cities but luckily we've come a long way since 2007. We now have research that can help isolate the hot spots in the Tri-Cities and here are 20 spots we've come up with thanks to Lyft.com.

Lyft keeps track of the most visited places in the Tri-Cities and they've compiled a list of all three cities and the hottest spots or at least the places they've picked up the most riders from.

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What Are The Most Popular Nighttime Spots In Kennewick?

In Kennewick, Lyft says The Pub on Clearwater, Uncle Sam's Saloon on Gage, Twigs Bistro and Bar on Columbia Center Blvd, and Shooters Sports Bar in Finley is the most visited nighttime spots.

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What Are The Most Popular Nighttime Spots In Richland?

Richland seems to be the place where everything is happening.

Lyft says that 10 places in Richland are the most visited in their traveler log.

Amendment XXI in Richland, Lee's Tahitian on Jadwin, Bookwalter Winery on Tulip Lane, Atomic Ale on Lee, Bombing Range Brewing Co. on Logston, Tommy's Taphouse on Lee, Joker's Casino, Emerald of Siam, and Budd's Broiler on Columbia Point Drive.

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What Are The Most Popular Nighttime Spots In Pasco?

Pasco's hot spots that are visited the most are The Dugout on Burden Blvd, Brews Taphouse, Sneakers Pub on 4th avenue, and the #1 destination according to Lyft is the Out & About on West Lewis Street.

BONUS: Top 6 Most Visited Nightlife Spots in Yakima

If you do head to Yakima, here are six of Yakima's most visited night spots. The Pub of Yakima. Valley Brewing Co, Brew's and Cues, Single Hill Brewing, Gilbert Cellars, and Bill's Place on 3rd avenue.

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