I think the only thing that would make you more unpopular in the Tri-Cities area than being a Washington Huskies fan is being an Oregon Ducks fan. It's kind of like the Yankees, even if they're not a direct rival of your team's, there's still a healthy hatred that is always present.

Washington State v Oregon State
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That's what the Oregon Ducks seem to be, even if it's not quite the same level as say, Alabama. People just hate them for rational and irrational reasons and I don't dare step in the way of that vitriol.  All this being said, though, I will die on the "Bo Nix is a solid guy" hill. Controversial, I know but you should hear me out on this one.

Oregon v Arizona
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Bo Nix, a transfer from Auburn, is lighting it up for the Ducks at quarterback in his senior season. But aside from that, he's turning himself into a college folk hero, not unlike Gardner Minshew did in Pullman.

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whole damn Chick-fil-A food truck

Bo Knows his chicken. Be like Bo.

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