He continues to be a mystery.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti, are all names used to identify some kind of mythical creature reportedly seen in many regions around the country. Washington State has by far the most 'sightings' of any state in the union. Why? Have you seen him? Do you believe it?

Bigfoot Encounter Near Rimrock Lake in Yakima County

One of the close encounters with us here in the greater Yakima area was back in June of 2019. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is a great resource and has a plentiful collection of such sightings and encounters from around the country. The BFRO provided these first-hand witness accounts of what happened on that summer day near Rimrock Lake:

Heard at least four howls in the morning between 4-5 am at Silver Beach campgrounds. The sounds were about a mile away but could hear clearly in the morning. Thought it was wildlife or maybe a person. Then looked up a video on YouTube of people using a parabolic sound dish recording Sasquatch vocalizing sounds when I arrived back home. Was able to recognize the sounds from the video to what I had heard. It was a terrifying sound. The best way to describe it was a howl sound between a man and an ape.

The audio captured during this event in Yakima County sounds eerily similar to some of the sounds heard during episode two of Sasquatch Chronicles, Season one.

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