Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. There are literally dozens of different names applied to the legendary, enormous-footed, hairy, apelike-man that has been said to roam North American lands for centuries.

Native American Tribes almost unanimously have tales of sightings of a creature so elusive, that no skeletal or DNA evidence has ever been found.

Most Recent Bigfoot Encounter in Washington State Near Leavenworth in June

I'm not sure how we Washingtonians should feel about this statistic, but Washington State leads the rest of the USA by quite a wide margin with over 707 reported sightings - the most recent of which was in Chelan County near Plain, Washington which is about 15 miles from Leavenworth, in June of this year (2022). The official report included chilling details from the witness:

We rented a cabin on River Road on the Wenatchee River for four nights. I heard howling off and on from 1 am-3 am three nights in a row, and then wood knocking in between on the 3rd night. I have never heard sounds like that before. It was pretty windy outside; however, the sound was not happening during the daytime.


Ohio Sasquatch Enthusiast Claims She Heard Bigfoot Mating Calls in July

While the latest report in Washington State was this past June, more recently, on or about July 3rd, a Sasquatch enthusiast by the name of Suzanne Ferencak, who claimed to have had a sort of face-to-face encounter with Bigfoot about 10 years ago, now has shared audio from early this July, that sounds very eerie indeed.

Suzanne has suggested it could be a mating call, while wildlife officials in Ohio think it’s most likely an alfa male coyote communicating with his pack. The Mansfield News Journal shared this video. Check it out.

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