The Facebook group, Michigan History, lit up with a story from decades ago called the Monroe Monster, a bigfoot-like creature that became a craze surrounding one of these creatures that occurred in the mid-'60s.

In 1965, the small town of Monroe, Michigan was rocked by reports of a giant, hairy creature attacking residents. Newspaper clippings from the time, which you can see here, specifically detail the experience of 17-year-old Christine Van Acker who, apparently, had a face-to-face encounter with the Monroe Monster.

Christine was driving with her mother when this monster allegedly jumped onto the road towards the side of their car. That's when the creature grabbed Christine by the hair which resulted in Christine getting a black eye. The monster was described as,

7-feet tall, 400 pounds, with long, course black hair covering its entire body.

I'm no cryptozoologist but, to me, that sounds very similar to descriptions of Bigfoot.

In my search for information about the Monroe Monster, I came across a youtube video from someone who claims to be the child of Christen Van Acker, the woman who was allegedly attacked by the monster. You can see their breakdown of the events below:

According to a 2017 article from the website Trenton Trib, several motorists in Monroe County encountered the Monroe Monster on dark roads late at night. But then, the sightings abruptly stopped.

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Some believed that the Monroe Monster was chased deeper into the woods due to the rise of people looking for it. However, again according to the Trenton Trib, later that year a gorilla costume was discovered in the woods by a couple of hunters. It was determined to be a costume that had been stolen from a nearby roadside attraction.

What do you think? Does the discarded gorilla costume explain the mystery of the Monroe Monster? Or, could this creature still be lurking in the heart of a nearby forest waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting passerby?

I'm leaning towards the former. However, I love hearing about local legends like this. If you know of any that may have been forgotten or that I should just know about in general, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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