Urban legends are a thing of mystery and intriguing storytelling, sometimes these legends are just myths meant to scare us or keep us wary of real danger. Other times these urban legends are very real and even have proof to back them up.

We'll take a look at some of the craziest urban legends in Washington state and whether or not they hold up or if they're still a mystery to this day. At the end of this, you'll have to make up your mind what's real and what's a hoax. I'd suggest going into this with an open mind and having some fun.

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UFO's at Mt. Rainer.

This story has been told time and time again, with many believers and many naysayers it's still an urban legend that surrounds the PNW. In 1947 on a June evening pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying over Mt. Rainer when he spotted flying saucers flying over the mountain and cascades in what seemed almost instantaneously and smoother than any aircraft could fly. These ships were supposedly spotted a week after the Roswell, New Mexico crash.

Hazy Air Remains Over West From Wildfires
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The Faceless Roamer

This one hits close to home especially since I grew up in Auburn, Washington. The story goes that the town used to be known as slaughter, a rich man once settled in the city and financed all of its growth. But now it's rumored his ghost haunts the streets and neighborhoods as a faceless man. I concluded as a teenager this was a story parents probably came up with to detour kids from sneaking out. However, sightings around the city seemed a little too true for comfort.

Google Street view
Google Street View

The Native Princess of Pike Place Market.

This ghost has been sighted more times than one can count and one that terrifies some but comforts others. It's said at night in Pike Place Market you can see a woman humming and singing as she weaves baskets while selling her goods on a blanket, however, when you get closer the woman mysteriously disappears. One story stated they saw the woman in front of Pike Place Market and as they approached her she would disappear then reappear further away. The part that comforts others is that this is the daughter of Chief Seattle who resided in the area before it settlers came. The city was later named after him.

Massive Smoke Cloud Descends On Seattle Amid Historic Fires
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The Terrifying Mascot of Mariner High School

The high school in Everett, Washington has been around since 1987, some would think it is not long enough to be haunted but they might be wrong. The school is lit up at night with lights leading around the inside of the building and throughout the campus...but some nights the lights go out, some say if you're close enough you can see eyes peering into your soul if you look back long enough you may just see the figure of a winged man. So is it an angel or a ghost that roams the halls of this high school?

google street view
Google street view

The Mothman Appears

The Mothman is an urban legend that lives across the country being spotted in multiple states and even countries. Back in 1940, the original Tacoma Narrows bridge was opened, in that same year, the bridge collapsed dramatically jumping up and down with onlookers in horror. Days before it 911 calls reported seeing a winged creature in the area terrifying locals. The Mothman is said to appear before the disaster as a warning to locals that something horrible is destined to happen. Some question if the sightings were real or people just playing jokes that happened to coincide with the collapse of what's now known as Galloping Gurdy.

Tacoma Bridge
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Have you heard of these urban legends or is this your first time? Let us know if you know of more we can add to the list. Check out these crazy UFO sightings over the years, next.


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