The beloved Betty White would have turned 100 years on January 17th and we have all been challenged to celebrate the way she would want us to remember and honor her. Nothing would make her smile ,more than knowing we all skipped our morning coffee and donated to our local animal shelter on her birthday. So let's do it! There are many different pet rescues and shelters that could always use our donations, so my suggestion is to just pick your favorite and donate in the name of Betty White.

Pet Overpopulation Prevention is just one of the places that would welcome your donation, they are an organization who helps re-home, adopt and foster animals in need and they can ALWAYS use help! They have created an easy, online way to donate for Betty's birthday. If you would like to donate to Pet Overpopulation just click HERE and follow the instructions.

A few more local shelters and pet rescue organizations that would be more than happy to take your donation are The Pit Bull Pen Rescue, Tri-Cities Animal Shelter and Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue. Happy birthday to Americas sweetheart, Betty White and let's make her proud and help out our four legged, furry friends! Let's make this memorable and help out our local shelters!




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