It's a Wet Nose Wednesday and in the spotlight, we have Arthur from our friends at Pet OverPopulation Prevention.

Arthur is a 1.5-year-old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix up for adoption. He is a more great pyr than lab. Arthur gets along well with other dogs, kids, and people. He's not as big as a purebred pyr but he is still a big boy.


His personality is very true to the Great Pyrenees breed. He takes his job as a guardian seriously.

He loves to supervise everything that is going on outside (even when hanging out inside) and is very affectionate with HIS people.

Typical of the Great Pyrenees breed, it takes a while for him to trust and accept new people.

Arthur does not have any experience with livestock or cats.

If you think your home is a good fit, please fill out POPP’s adoption questionnaire:…/adoption-questionnaire-can…/

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