Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue is a well known facility in our area that rescues and rehomes pooches, they are EXCEPTIONAL at what they do! Not only do they rehome these animals but they make certain it is to the RIGHT home.

It is time to help THEM!
Recently Mikey's Chance purchased a shed from a gentleman on Facebook market page, the shed was/is intended for parvo dogs, because of their abundance of parvo dogs in need.

Unfortunately, they paid the deposit and arranged for him to deliver it but sadly got taken advantage of. He brought MOST of the shed, set up the base and never finished, however he cashed their final check. It has been almost two weeks that he was supposed to return and complete the job but has been unresponsive and his voicemail is full.

They are now in crisis mode and need help finding donated materials to try and finish the job.
If you have a spare front door, insulation and roofing materials you’d be willing to donate, they would be greatly appreciative. If you can help contact Mikey's Chance today! Thank you Tri-cities and let's get this shed completed and get those doggies the shelter they need!
To donate you can contact Andrea at 509-420-3070
For information on fostering, volunteering, or adopting please go to www.mikeyschance.com
MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 4535, West Richland, WA 99353
Janis Clardy
Andrea Moreno


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