You can find some really cool things on Craigslist. I saw a ton of free items in the Tri-Cities section and it was like going down a rabbit hole - I couldn't stop looking at all the free stuff that you can pick up for zero! 

As I was looking, one thing really caught my interest. There's a TV console that takes me back to my childhood. Do you remember being a kid and your parents having a huge wooden TV console in the front room? These things are heavy but are so retro-cool-looking that you might want one in your front room. I also compiled and found some cool free items that you'll want to check out in our gallery.

5 Awesome FREE Items To Check Out On The Tri-Cities Craigslist

5 Awesome FREE things on the Tri-Cities Craigslist. There's no better price than $0!

Free stuff is worth checking out, from free cow poop to free wood and even free TV's, there are lots of items that you could take home for the low low price of free!

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Did you see anything in the gallery that you liked? If not, check out other items that are free right here in the Tri-Cities Craigslist section. You can check out more deals here.

Happy Shopping!

Speaking of going back in time. Do you know what you paid for gas the year you started driving? I know I remember paying $1.25 a gallon but the funny thing, it says it was under a dollar. I don't remember that but you should check out our gallery below and see what the gas price was the year you started driving.

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