So I watched Biggest Loser last night on NBC along with a billion other people. Most of us probably couch potatoes! So did you watch?

Now John won last night and he lost a total of 220 lbs! Thats a full grown man and then some! Not everybody can get on the Biggest Loser but we can all be a Biggest Loser by doing something for ourselves. How about changing the way you eat?

I started on Ideal Protien on October 17. I weighed in on Monday with a 1 week weight loss of 2lbs. Now I started to kick myself but then I had to remember. Every week I lose weight I am a winner! Since I started 8 weeks ago (thats 2 months!) I have now lost a total of 48 lbs!

I have set my goal at losing 140 lbs. I started at 365 lbs and my goal weight is 225 lbs! I am currently as of today 317 lbs.

This is an easy diet. Even a Bear can do it! So here is the information that will help you and while you are looking this over and making plans to change your life. Let's enjoy that moment last night with John!

My facebook page so you can see my progress is HERE

To find out more about Ideal Protein thru Arbor Health Care For Women CLICK HERE