It is summertime and as we are enjoying the warmer weather so are nature’s creatures -- including the most despised and hated creature of them all: the wasp!

I was non-nonchalantly working on my pool last night back washing the filter when I thought to myself, "Well, there are a couple of wasps hanging around here... little buggers."

All of a sudden, I was swarmed by at least 50 of the little stinging demons, one of which flew up my shirt and stung me on the side. Needless to say, I did my best "Tommy Boy" impression and nearly did the "stop, drop and roll."  I

did manage to escape! I then headed to the store and bought two cans of wasp killer that I emptied into their nest, which they had built in a rock retaining wall by my pool filter.

We’ll find out of they have decided to high tail it out of my bear den before I break out the heavy artillery.

In the meantime, enjoy the funniest scenes from the movie "Tommy Boy" with Chris Farley, which includes the infamous bee scene:

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