According to the investigation by Yakima fire crews and insurance adjusters, the man ended up burning down his home. Wasps 1, man 0.

Tuesday, a report was released about the fire that consumed the dwelling a few days ago. The man, who's name was not released, was doing maintenance and cleanup when he found the wasp's next on the back porch by the eaves.

Instead of removing it, spraying it or having a pest control person handle it, he tried to burn it in place. But instead of just getting the next, the flames exploded and spread rapidly across the porch and ignited the house, according to KNDU-KNDO-TV.

It appears it was a total loss. Officials say this is a prime example of what NOT to do when trying to solve an insect or rodent problem, or other related issue. Fire is not an answer.

We're certainly not making light of the man losing his home, but somewhere the wasps are snickering.

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