Nothing will ruin an outdoor event faster than a swarm of pesky yellow jackets or wasps. Nobody likes to be stung by one of these little jerks but just having them present can be such a nuisance. Having them buzzing around you while you are trying to enjoy your picnic or camp trip can make you want to pack it all up and just go inside, where it is safe.

Recently, while in the mountains with a group of friends, we were trying to enjoy some outdoor activities when a massive swarm of yellow jackets decided to crash our party. They decided our camp area was their domain and WE were the ones who were not welcome! This was not the first time we had to fight for our camp spot either! A friend of mine, Regina had already bought traps and had them strategically placed around the area. But unfortunately the traps just could not keep up and the yellow jackets had staked their claim!

Regina had an idea, she had seen a hack to rid the area of pesky critters and so we put it to the test! She found an expired piece of fried chicken, tied it to a long piece of string, hung it from a tree (about ten feet from our actual camp) and placed it hanging above a five gallon bucket of water. I was skeptical, only because I am skeptical about EVERYTHING! Well slap me and call me silly! This was the most effective "pest control device" I had ever laid eyes upon!

The yellow jackets were INSTANTLY interested in the fragrant hunk of meat hanging lifeless from the tree. They wasted no time getting their grub on and the best part, they left us completely alone! We went from swatting buzzing pests from our faces and bodies, to a peaceful camping experience.

Keeping them busy was definitely a treat but the trap worked even better than expected! As the yellow jackets whittled away at the piece of chicken, they got full and literally started "dropping like flies." As they filled up, they fell, one by one, into the bucket, where they met their fate. Within the first hour the bucket had already disposed of over one hundred yellow jackets.

The rest of the weekend was very peaceful and pest free! This will now be a staple at our camp, however trying to get they boys to part with a piece of their fried chicken might pose to be the biggest challenge!

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