This summer Mama Bear and I took a trip to Ely, MN to get up close and personal with some distant cousins of mine. What an adventure watching these black bears in the wild, climbing trees, foraging, and well just generally being bears.

No sooner do we get home that I get this story about some distant cousins in Norway that broke into a cabin and well let's start this story from the beginning.

This story came from but it goes as follows as a cabin owner came to his humble abode and found that a wall had been ripped open which allowed the female and her cubs access to the interior which the bears destroyed and ate every morsel of food they could find. Including Marshmallows, chocolate sauce, honey and 100 cans of beer.

The owner said it was quite a party as the appliances, furniture, beds were all destroyed. Sadly because the bears now know that there is food to be had there it is possible that mama bear could come back with her cubs.

Probably won't. At least not until the bears sober up

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