Have you ever sent or received a baby goat?

Now's your opportunity to send a friend a baby goat and help the Wishing Star Foundation grant wishes to children who are terminal or battling a life-threatening illness in Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.

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How does the fundraiser work?

Wishing Star's 17th Annual Send a Friend a Goat week runs from Monday, April 11th through Friday April 15th. A $75 donation allows you to send a baby goat to an unsuspecting friend or relative. The "goated" recipient will be asked to donate any amount to pay for the removal of the cute baby goat.


What if a person cannot recieve a REAL baby goat?

Wishing Star will also be sending goats on the virtual platform! These virtual talking goats will be available for Mother’s Day deliveries on Sunday May 8th. Each message is $25 for one virtual goat delivery or $60 for three virtual goats. This is another opportunity to send a loving message for Mother’s Day with a talking virtual baby goat!

How can you send a baby goat to someone?

Anyone can sign up to have a goat delivered for a visit. People can take photos with the goat and have fun holding it. Then donate any amount to have to goat sent away.


To make arrangements for a goat delivery, click the button below.

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