We've seen some recent stories about predators and criminals who've preyed upon not only adults, but children in our area. The recent huge pedophile sting, Net Nanny, that busted 26 would-be sex offenders, is an example. Police say similar operations all over the country are grabbing adults who seek to cause harm to children. There are now, more than ever, dangers for children and teens online.

August 30th, Pasco police will hold an Internet Safety Night event, where Detective John Davis and Chris Caicedo will inform parents about what threats are actually out there on the web, what the latest dangers are, and how to protect their kids.

They will also cover important information on how to effectively monitor your child's online activities, especially teens. This can't-miss event is FREE, but you do need to register to attend. It will be at the Pasco Police Department from 6-8pm August 30. To get information or register, call (509)-3484.

It's not intended to purposely scare parents, but to frankly inform them exactly what's going on in cyberland, and how to protect their children.

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