Several notable Hollywood stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, were reportedly involved in an illegal, underground poker game that took place at an upscale hotel, and now Major League Baseball is reportedly investigating whether the Yankees’ star shortstop Alex Rodriguez was one of the game’s players.

“We take this very seriously and have been investigating this matter since the initial allegation,” MLB said in a statement. “As part of the investigation, the commissioner’s office will interview Mr. Rodriguez.”

Reports say “cocaine was openly used” and a fight nearly erupted when one player did not want to cough up any cash after losing over $500,000. At that point, A-Rod “tried to distance himself from the game.”

Rodriguez had previously been warned in 2005 by the league and by his team that he must stop attending these games. Rodriguez could face a suspension over the latest revelations, if proven true.

Some say it must be a sign of gambling addiction, while others don’t really see a problem with the All-Star having an extra-curricular hobby. Still, why risk it?

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