Good news coming from the West Richland Police Department. Petey,an abandoned dog is on the mend after being found in terrible condition.

The West Richland Police Department posted on their Facebook page an update on Petey.

Just one month ago, Petey was picked up in terrible condition. Here he is today, on a great path of recovery. He is not medically cleared yet, and is still under the eye of Dr. Menks Mobile Vet. It was discovered Petey is blind and has absolutely no sight. He will undergo specialized training for his condition. It will be another month or so before he becomes available for adoption through Tri-City Animal Shelter, located in Pasco. Those interested in adopting Petey can check in with the shelter next month on his status. Per TCAC, there will be an application process with approval for the adoption.

A big thanks to Dr. Menks Mobile Vet for treatment and little Petey is going to need a very special family in the future to adopt him. We are just glad to see him on the mend.

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