It was bound to happen as more and more events are canceling because of the coronavirus. The Pendleton Round-Up is now throwing in the towel and canceling for 2020.

It's only the third time in its illustrious 105 year run that the Pendleton Round-Up has had to cancel.

The Pendleton Round-Up posted this message on their Facebook page:

We are devastated to share this news with you. "Let'er Buck" & “On with the show” is in our DNA, and for only the third time in our history our September event will not take place.

The decision to not host the world-famous Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon 2020 event was a really tough one, but a necessary one.


We are comforted knowing our community is not being put in harm's way with the novel coronavirus, for that would be a burden we could not bear.


For 110 years the Pendleton Round-Up and for 104 years the Happy Canyon have been a celebration of community and a catalyst to support education, local not for profits, service organizations, and provide a direct benefit to the regional economy.


A donation fund coined LET’ER BUCK CARES was established to support and benefit the various community organizations.


These organizations have relied on the week of Round-Up and Happy Canyon as their main source of income to support their causes and further their missions of support to the community.


The Pendleton Round-Up and the Happy Canyon will invest in the fund to create and establish the fund for the community benefit to assist with the impacts of not having the 2020 traditional events.


The LET’ER BUCK CARES fund will allow all 2020 ticket holders and supporters the opportunity to provide assistance to these organizations during the upcoming year.


Through the LET’ER BUCK CARES fund, ticket holders will have four options for their purchased 2020 tickets.


• Option 1: Designate that the refund of purchased tickets will go to the LET’ER BUCK CARES fund.
• Option 2: Provide a combination of refund and designation of some of those funds to LET’ER BUCK CARES fund.
• Option 3: Roll purchased tickets to our 2021 event.
• Option 4: Receive a refund for purchased tickets.


Through our Pendleton Round-Up website (…/leter-buck-cares-fund) you will also have the ability for those who might not have purchased tickets, but who would like to be part of this effort to donate to the LET’ER BUCK CARES fund. All the donations to the fund, which are tax-deductible through the Oregon Community Foundation, will come back to support the local civic, non-profit, youth organizations, contract personnel, and others that are instrumental during the week of the Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon.


DONATIONS & TICKET REFUNDS:…/leter-buck-cares-fund

So many events are being canceled but remember that it takes a lot of volunteers and effort to put on these fairs and rodeos and even at 2 to 3 months out, getting these up and running takes a lot of time outside the actual event. It's a sad thing but we know the Pendleton Round-Up will be back up and running and stronger than ever for 2020.

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