This year, fairgoers will have to rely on their own means to get the Benton Franklin Fairgrounds. The shuttle buses have come up with flat tires.

Well, actually, the tires are fine. But according to information released Friday afternoon by Ben Franklin Transit, the shuttle buses many use to get to the fair have been canceled.

According to the BF Transit website:

“Our hearts are heavy and we are saddened to share this news. It has always been an honor and privilege to support our local Fair and our community during “The Best Week of Summer,” shared Gloria Boyce, General Manager for Ben Franklin Transit. “This will be the first time in over 30 years that BFT will not be a part of the Fair.” As a public transit agency, BFT’s primary concern is always the health and safety of staff and the community. “We felt this was the right move for our employees based on the information we have today..."

The website said this decision was made after  "careful consultation with the Benton Franklin Health District".

No doubt BFT wants to ensure riders are protected, they've had some of the most stringent policies concerning riders, masks, etc during the pandemic.

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Earlier this week, the BFHD had "suggested" the Fair be canceled for the second year in a row.

Now, fans who have grown used to the convenience of parking their car, or even walking to a nearby shuttle transfer station and then riding to the fair will have to go it another way.

This will likely have an effect on BFT, their Fair Shuttle Service generated a huge ridership for the entire week of the fair. They also see extensive use of shuttles for the Hydro Races-Columbia Cup.


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