The Best Way to Spend $5 at the Benton County Fair
We are preparing to put together an incredible haunted attraction in the "Extreme zone"  at the Benton Franklin Fair.
We all know that it can get kind of expensive at the fair so we designed an incredible , high quality haunt at a reasonable price...
Amazing Mane!
If you were at this years Fair & Rodeo, maybe you saw the amazing horse being ridden during the Rodeo nights.
He was so gorgeous. I didn't catch the name for sure, but thought it was "Hollywood"
We walked around the barn area after the rodeo and got to talk to the people…
Fair Pick-up Lines
Its been A while since Ive revealed my latest and greatest Pick-up lines...ohhhh and did I have some great ones I used at the fair! Did i have a fair romance?...well that's besides the point!

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