It's always nice when you go somewhere to eat and you get great food. But it's excellent when you go somewhere and get great service, too! I asked the question on social media and you responded! Here are some places in the Tri-Cities area and beyond with great service.

Steve commented with Sterling's for his choice, as did Dellaina, who also mentioned The Local. I haven't been to Sterling's in a while, but I loved it and need to go more often. I've always had great service there.

Andrea says Just Joel's. Rose says Red Lobster in Kennewick and somebody clicked the 'laughing emoji'. Then she asked why they laughed, it was really good service. I agree, Red Lobster is excellent food and always good service.

Other mentions include The Cider House in Richland, Tumbleweeds, The Bradley (I don't know what that is), and one person must not have very good experiences eating out, because they say their best service is at home (a couple of people said that).

Azteca on Canal got a mention as did Bombing Range Brewery. I always hear good things about Sageport and they are on the list, as are Osaka's and Three Margaritas.

The Cider House in Richland got a mention and several folks hit the 'thumbs up' on that one. Places in Arizona and Oregon also made the list in your comments, if you frequent those areas.

Sometimes great service can even make up for so-so food!

Here's the full list of local places for great service from everyone who participated and additional comments in the post below:


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