We love our dogs and we love the Tri-Cities! I've got three of them that keep our house pretty lively at times. My dogs aren't named after the Tri-Cities but what if they were?

We had some fun on our Facebook page and asked you, what would be a great name for a dog that would reflect the Tri-Cities?

You gave us some awesome names and I just had to share them with you.

If you're getting a pup in the near future, take a look at some of our names that might inspire you when you get your new furry friend that might be the perfect name for them.

10 Awesome Dog Names That Are So Tri-Cities!

Tri-Cities is an amazing place to live with lots of individuality and we thought we'd compile some of the best dog names if they were based on the Tri-Cities. Here are 10 dogs with awesome Tri-Cities names, let's see if they live up to their namesakes!

There were so many names that should get an honorable mention

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Our honorable mentions include Tumbleweed, Spudnut, Atomic and someone even made the joke "Meth Lab".

I think we picked out some awesome dog names, let us know if we hit the mark on our APP, and feel free to send us some of your suggestions to add to our list.

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