We all experience a "frenzy of the mind" sometimes and need to hit "reset" or "reboot." I've heard before that's it's impossible to think of nothing; you need to focus all your mind on one thing, and it will push everything else out. What works for you?

The BEST for me is to do something physically or mentally strenuous like hot yoga or learning a new guitar riff -- it's so difficult it occupies my mind completely.

But if I'm not in the mood to be strenuous, I get on my horse and ride -- then all I can think about it is how good it feels to be on his back and feel the air in my face.

A survey on Reddit.com elicited the following responses:

  • listening to music
  • sit on the porch and watch a thunderstorm
  • swinging (on a swing, like at a park)
  • lifting heavy weights
  • running
  • go for a long drive
  • sing along to my favorite music (terribly)
  • Yoga
  • meditation
  • ice skating
  • clean (it's cathartic)
  • showering
  • be creative
  • sharpen knives (it's very zen)
  • ASMR videos (on Youtube)
  • backroading (especially with beer)
  • shooting a basketball
  • be by myself in nature
  • video games
  • playing guitar
  • riding a motorcycle
  • find someplace with a nice view
  • binge-watch movies or TV shows
  • long walk