To day in San Francisco, the law that bans toy giveaways in kids meals goes into effect. Really? I'm pretty sure if you're taking the kiddies to a fast food joint 3 or 4 times a week and he or she is overweight and un-healthy, the toy ain't the problem.

the fact that we have people telling us what we can and should eat is a crock. It appears that the Board of  Supervisors in San Francisco has passed the Healthy Food Incentive Ordinance. A backer of the new law said it was put in place to ad incentives for restaurant's to include healthier options on their menus. O.K., I get that, but we are still beating the horse to death that is pulling the cart. Having an obese kid that is un-healthy is not the fast food restaurant's fault, HELLO, McFLY. Is a 7 year old driving to  and ordering a happy meal and 6 cheese burgers. It all has to start with the parents taking responsibility for their role in all of this. Here is an idea, get off the couch ya lazy a$# and cook your kid a healthy meal. If they throw a fit because the meal didn't come in a box, tough, when they get Hungary enough they'll eat. Here is a big difference between then and now. Now, parents get tired of hearing their kid wine about going out to eat so they give in and pull up to the drive thru, problem solved. Then, my Dad would listen to us bitch about having to eat green beans for about 10 seconds and send us to bed with out dinner, problem solved. San Francisco, I get it, you want kids to eat healthier food, but why not take the money and time spent on this bill and try an educate the parents. Fast food restaurants  are not the monster, but it's a great excuse for  us to blame our poor health and obesity on. It's just like some one calling the radio station  to complain about how horrible we are. Stop listening, problem solved. By the way, in San Francisco, McDonalds will still put a toy in your happy meal for an extra 10 cents, with the money going to help build a new Ronald McDonald house, problem solved.