Last September,Kim Holdiman was invited to a women’s retreat. During her stay she met a young wife and mother and spoke at length about families, the challenges they’d faced, and how God had brought them through. The friend shared a story about her daughter that  touched her heartl. She asked Kim to write a book about it. Kim had always wanted to be a writer, but every time She'd start up, something would get in the way and then before you know it ---she was in her mid 40s.

As soon as she returned home, she sat down at the laptop and  fingers began flying over the keyboard. When Kim went back and read the words.... it brought tears. "I knew immediately that this was the book that was to be published."

Kim fell in love with the work of David Gnass (who thankfully agreed to illustrate this book). He lives in Ontario, Canada, so we did all of the work through email and on the phone.She chose to self publish through Tate Publishing so I could maintain the rights to the book. Everything has went really smoothly and quickly!


A Hurt in My Heart
 by Kim Holdiman   Illustrations by David Gnass


Jaydon finds Emma with a hurt in her heart. As Emma shares why her heart hurts and how forgiveness and grace are waiting for her, Jaydon is captivated with curiosity. In a simple and touching way, Emma will teach Jaydon, and all who read this story, how they can find forgiveness, grace, and salvation for themselves.
Join Emma and Jaydon as the two friends lead you on a quest to understand the love of the Creator.


Kim will be having a book signing on Wednesday, July 23rd from 4-7pm at Word of Life, 2500 W. Kennewick Ave. She will also have a booth out at the fairgrounds for the Creation Festival , July 30th through August 2nd.

The book sells for $9.99 + tax, She will be donating $1 of every book sold at Creation Festival will go to Mercy House Kenya, which is an amazing charity that helps girls in Kenya who are pregnant, usually by vicious attacks. Mercy House takes the girls in, teaches them a trade as well as academics and how to care for their babes. The girls make different items that they sell, such as jewelry, clothing, and bags to help support the house and to help the girls when they go out on their own.

you can get your copy for $9.99 email Kim @ or call her at 509-551-5174

or order online Tate Publishing