A Harry Potter Sequel? in 2016!
I thought we were done with Harry? apparently NOT!
The sequel takes place 19 years after the last book. Harry is now a 'Ministry of Magic' employee, and it involves his son Albus Severus Potter.
J. K. Rowling announced she's releasing the play in book-form called "Harry Potter …
10 Best Books for Summer Reading
Has it been a long time since you read or listened to a book for fun? Here's a list of summer reading recommendations covering a wide gamut of genres that hopefully you've never heard before.
Best Bookstores in the Pacific Northwest
Growing up in Washington one of my favorite birthday traditions was receiving a really cool book from my aunt purchased at The Bookworm on George Washington Way in Richland. Great independent bookstores are getting hard to find, but the Pacific Northwest still has a handful you should definitely kno…
Scratch-and-Sniff Book Lets You Take a Whiff of New York City
Ah, New York City. The sights and smells are like nowhere on earth. Where else can you see the Statue of Liberty and take in the aroma of hot dogs? Or fish? Or, um, sewers?
Showcasing the Big Apple in all its olfactory glory is the goal of a new scratch-and-sniff book called ‘New York, Phew York,’ il…