Apparently I'm a little late in purchasing the usual tick protective medicine that I normally do each spring. But, with the cooler weather this year, I hadn't thought it necessary yet!  Boy, was I wrong! 

After taking my dog on a number of horse riding adventures with me...I ended up pulling close to 100 ticks off of her. 

Most of these were still superficial and hadn't burrowed in yet.  But, I missed a couple and they latched in so tightly, that it was litterally impossible to get them out with you taking part of her flesh with them. 

There are a number of great tick protectants on the market. Some that also prevent biting flies and fleas. 

You can buy the medication from your local vet. Or at your local Ranch & Home store.  The medicine is locked up in the Health & Tack section and you have to ask for it from the person in that particular department. I found that some of the employees working other departments were not aware of this. So be sure to ask in Health & Tack.

The ones at the local grocery store I have heard are not strong enough and often time, people don't use the prescribed amount and it can be fatal for a pet if not adminsitered in the proper dose.  

 I bought Frontline from Ranch & Home, and as far as I can tell, it's the same as I bought from my vet last year.  And, last year it worked perfectly well.  

've also found that using Avon's "Skin So Soft" spray on oil as an all over coverage before exposure helps keep the ticks away. 

Without that...they tend to still latch on but quickly die and fall off once they get a taste of the dogs flesh with the Frontline or Advantix administered. But, the Skin So Soft, seems to keep them from even being attracted to the dog.  All good things to think about this time of year. 

Once it gets really hot, I believe the ticks are no longer an issue.  So, here's my this video and ask yourself if you want to go through this...?  Then get on down to Ranch & Home or your veterinarian and make sure all your pets are properly protected!  Good luck!