Did you know the NFL does not allow you to use the words Super Bowl if you are promoting a party or a gathering? So bars and other companies started using the term, "The Big Game." Then the NFL filed a trademark application for "The Big Game." Due to public outcry the NFL dropped it's application. I am going to trademark some of my own words.{click here} For the NFL being so greedy, I am going to trademark these words: football, fumble, touchdown, and goalpost. Have fun announcing a game without these words, ya jackwagons! Another big one is the word "politician(s)" and after I get the rights to it, I will change the meaning of the word as well. Still working on that one; I need something I can use in public without offending anyone. Other words I hope to own soon: Bingo, salesman, bazinga, awesome, banana, and booger. I need your help, give me at least three words that you would trademark and make them your own.