The NFL says you can't say Superb%#$  when talking about a station event or party. What next?

If you have been listening to the radio lately, there are many events going on to get people together for the big game. The big game, you know what I'm talking about, football. The NFL will not allow me to say superbull because they have the word trademarked, along with the team names. Case in point, I can say the city the teams represent, Green Bay and Pittsburgh, but I can't say the names,  because they are property of the NFL.  Who is running this outfit, Charles Manson, Kim Jong-il, Gary Busey? I'll show you NFL, I'm going to patent the words, 'helmet' and 'tackle'. Let's see you televise a game with out using those two words, ya jack wagons. There are many other things you can't say or do because of the strict rules imposed by National fathead League, but I don't have that kind of time to go over them with you. Just be careful this week end when talking about the big game, because there could be an NFL super undercover, deep six spy guy lurking in the corners,  just waiting to hear you say, you know what. If you spot a paranoid looking individual, sweating like a pig and drinking something called 'Idiot Ale', start talking about baseball. I really don't care that I can't say superbull, I just find it interesting that an organization this vast won't let you promote the biggest game of the year. Hey, NFL, put this in your pipe and choke on it. World Series, Stanley Cup, Daytona 500, NBA Finals, US Open, The Masters. Now that makes me feel like a true American. Football fans worldwide, enjoy the games now, because the way things are going, pretty soon we won't be allowed to watch the games, just listen to them.