Many women are looking for love in all the wrong places. Nice guys do exist—you just have to want to find them and know where to look. Here is a list of the top locations where women can meet Mr. Right.

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    Churches or Christian based activities

    There you find men with a spiritual passion

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    Bookstores or libraries

    Here, you'll find men who are intelligent and more matured.

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    Charity events

    Volunteer to work with charitable organizations and attend charity events to find men with heart. Charity events usually draw men with a social conscience.

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    On dates set up by friends

    Your friends will most likely be selective in who they'll introduce you to. most friends will not set you up with a train-wreck.

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    In the military

    The military usually draws really good guys "They're heroes—men with a sense of mission.

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    At work

    In an office, most men are hardworking and respectful and they aren't getting bombed at a bar

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    Weddings have a great romantic atmosphere, and commitment phobes usually stay away from them.

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    Coffeehouses and musical recitals

    Seek out the sensitive, nice guys who might frequent these places.

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    The Bar?

    probably not the best place, but wineries are a descent option.