You’re Invited to My Redneck Boat Races Party! [PHOTOS]
I'm havin a boat race party at my house! yer all invited!!...go down squirrel pine rd, take a left at cooter bartlett's house....go down till ya see ol bunky simpsons broken down chevy truck, take another left...look for old man winklers jerky stand & my trailer is just a lil ways …
Funniest Redneck Voicemail! [AUDIO & VIDEO]
A guy phones into work that he might be a little late when a man runs a red light and hits an Impala with 4 old ladies inside - The guy gets out of his car and confronts the women to blame them. What happens next is FUNNY!!!
Redneck Slang Words
I received an email from one of our Fun listeners (thanks Sheri)
here is a list of fun redneck terms! Have a great weekend gang! :-)