A Country Fan’s Guide to the Tri-Cities [MAP]
The Tri-Cities has evolved in the past century, but we all know it was always has been and always will be farm country. That means Country music is king and don't forget it! We've assembled a map of the Tri-Cities to accommodate your Country lifestyle. Check it out!
Watch Horseman’s Western Dressage Trainer Ruben Villasenor!
You have probably heard me talk on the air before about Ruben Villasenor. He's the Horseman's Western Dressage Trainer. He's amazing! I've seen him do the most remarkable things with horses with the slightest of que's.
He became my friend many years ago, when I was interested in seeing his techniques…
Awesome Camping and Trails at Nile Creek!
Well, I did a little camping this past weekend at Nile Creek, one of my favorite places to camp. It was such perfect weather and the nights seemed cool but mild. It was beautiful! I had a wonderful time!
I took my little mare who I just started under saddle last year and don't have many rides on…
I Need Your Help To Find Land For Lease or Buy For 3 Horses!
Most of you know I have three horses.  And I am looking for a chunk of land that I can buy or Lease to place them. I can feed the big orchard bales so if it has water, I can still live off site.
Ultimately I'd like to find a place to buy with a house, but nothing appears to be in my price r…
Faith Martin’s Weekend Ride to Potholes!
I know a lot of people fish out at Potholes, but I've never seen any other riders except the ones that are with me!
I hope it's okay to ride horses there. I've never seen signs saying anything different.
It was sooo beautiful on Saturday...

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