5 Reasons ‘World Naked Gardening Day’ Is a Bad Idea
Apparently this is a real thing! Hey, if you want to grab that pruner and go to town on your shrubbery naked, go right ahead! The 13th-annual event promoting loving the planet and healthy gardening is Saturday, May 6,2017
The event is dedicated to making “non-sexual social nudity&CloseCurlyDoub…
Has Anyone Tried Strawbale Gardening? [VIDEO]
Have you ever heard of using hay bales to grow flowers and vegetables instead of garden beds?
Apparently you just sprinkle a little dirt on top and the plants sink their roots down into the hay bale. It’s easier to manage and requires less water...
Favorite Flowers to Plant in Fall!
I just love all the fall colors and the fall flowers that bloom this time of year! I talked to the gardeners at Heritage Nursery in Kennewick, and they said this is a great time to plant your favorite fall Perennials! I saw some beautiful plants, I'm going to go get this wk end and plant some..…
The KORD Avocado Tree Is Almost Ready for the Outside World!
Several months ago Faith Martin did a blog post about sticking toothpicks in an avocado seed for nostalgia. Then one day we found it in the trash and rescued it! For MONTHS we blamed Faith, but it turns out to have been someone else entirely! Either way, check out our little tree today.
Calling All Gardeners! Help Me Name This? What Is It?
I've been looking at plants to plant on my back hill for ground cover so I don't have to mow.  I've been considering Lavender, Black Eyed Daisies and some other flowers to plant there as well.. But, in my minds eye, I kept seeing THIS!
And I couldn't find it anywhere or…
Garden Help This Weekend at Heritage Nursery!
Hey, this sounds like a cool deal! I'm not so good at gardening and I just found out that this Saturday is an event at Heritage Nursery 27th & Ely St. in Kennewick!
It's "Fun in your Garden Day" and they're going to have all kinds of demonstrations on planting…