Dutch Brothers Breaks the Coffee Shop Mold! [VIDEO]
When you think of coffee shops you think a of a dim, quiet place, a place to sit and sip your latte, read a book or catch up on emails. That is, until Dutch Brothers entered the coffee scene. They break all the rules when it comes to coffee shops...
I Have a New Favorite Coffee Shop: The Local
My son's friend works at The Local (8530 W Gage Blvd) and is always talking about it. It's been open about a year and a half but I'd never had a reason to go before. What makes it standout? It's like a wine bar for coffee!
What’s the BEST Specialty Coffee Maker? [SURVEY]
Most of you know how MUCH I absolutely LOVE coffee!! It's the one addiction I just can't kick.
I usually just use a drip coffee maker or sometimes a french press. But, when I went to visit my son in Texas, he had the Starbucks Verisimo they made me latte's every morning...
Best Coffee in Tri-Cities – Our Top Five
According to the Coffee Statistics Report, Americans drink more than 146 billion cups of the stuff every year and its a daily "must-have" for more than 50% of the nation. Not everyone can make the best coffee, and it all comes down to preference on who really has the best cup of joe...but …

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