Barry Long

More Hilarious Bruin Humor from Big Bear [VIDEO]
You all know how I love my bears, mainly due to the family heritage and ancestry of course! So what better of getting my afternoon laughs than from this funny, yet banned, bear commercial.
I still give props to my fellow bear, you put up a good fight...
Morning Brew Goes Bye Bye! [VIDEO]
Hey everybody!
Bear and I Just want to let everyone know that we totally appreciate you all spending your mornings with us for the past year.
We've enjoyed you all so much!
We have been notified that some changes will be made to the Morning Show. And we have to say good bye!
KORD’s New Lineup Starts Monday!
Yes the rumors are true! Chuck Hall is moving! No, not out of town and certainly not to another radio station - to AFTERNOONS! Beginning Monday catch Chuck Hall weekday afternoons from 2pm to 7pm and welcome an all new KORD morning show with Big Bear and Faith Martin...