Father's Day is this Sunday . . . but apparently not that many people know it.  According to a new study, people are MUCH less invested in Father's Day than Mother's Day.

The study found that there are 215% more searches online for Mother's Day gifts and gift ideas than for Father's Day gifts and gift ideas. So WHY do people put so much more effort into Mother's Day than Father's Day?


The top two answers are that mothers are, quote, "more deserving" of a big gift . . . and that fathers would be happier to settle for something smaller.  You can read more from theScotsman.

If you're still looking for a unique one-of-a-kind gift for dad - I have it for you. Put him behind the controls of an airplane at Bergstrom Aircraft.  A certified flight instructor will take dad up for an introductory flight lesson - dad will learn the basics in less than an hour. The cool thing is dad will actually get to fly the plane!

Call Bergstrom Aircraft and reserve a spot for dad right now at 547-6271 or visit their facility at the Tri-Cities Airport  – 4102 N Stearman Avenue in Pasco.  Take it from a former student and now pilot – dad will absolutely love this gift.  One things for sure…he’ll remember it for a lifetime and you never know, he could be the next Private Pilot at Bergstrom Aircraft.  Hurry – father’s day is June 16th!  For rates and to learn more about Bergstrom Aircraft and all the services they offer go HERE.