Our dad's are not only great guys, they really don't expect much on father's day according to RetailMeNot.com. A recent survey showed that dads just want some quality time with their family more than anything, a nice BBQ in the back yard would do just nicely. If you are going to get dad a gift, 13% said a gift card is a swell gift. Remember, keep it simple with dad, a cordless drill as always a hit. I was surprised to read that 46% of people don't spend a thing on father's day. Look a card a phone call is that going to kill you, at least it's something. Only 15% will spend more than $50 on good old dad, most will spend around $25. When it comes to a wife, only 31% of father's expect a gift, which I think it's not her job to get you a gift on father's day, and the same holds true on mother's day. Here's a tip, if you take dad to a nice restaurant, don't bring a bunch a bunch of those big brightly colored balloons that just hang around the whole dinner, and then he has to put them in his car and take them home, safe your money. Which is more popular, mother's day or father's day? A large portion of people polled, over 75%, said they feel mom's get more attention on mother's day than dads get on their day. Rule of thumb, do what you gotta do with dad, you know him best.