Did these guys think that watching Shawshank Redemption would help them cover their tracks, or did they not realize what they were in for?

According to The Tri City Herald, two 20-year-old Kennewick men waded through sewer holding ponds full of fecal matter trying to avoid arrest after allegedly breaking into Pasco City property. They were caught a short time later heading into Kennewick, officials said.

Pasco police got a call early Saturday about the break-in and discovered two suspects had apparently climbed over nearby fences, said Capt. Jim Raymond.

Ernesto Castillo Lopez and Edgar Torres reportedly fled through sewer holding ponds at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and stole a car left running in the 400 block of Ainsworth Street, Raymond said.

The suspects were stopped by a Benton County sheriff’s deputy who spotted them as they drove over the Cable Bridge into Kennewick, he said. Lopez and Torres were apparently covered in feces. Police said they had no problem picking up the scent.

Officers determined nothing was stolen from the city property, Raymond said.

Both men were booked into the Franklin County jail on suspicion of second-degree burglary, theft of a motor vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle. They were hosed off first being booked.