kennewick police

Nice Job KPD! Helping Out One of Our Own!
According to KPD facebook page:
4am Tuesday morning a delivery person alerted police to a teenaged male at Yokes needing help. Yokes was closed at that time. The male does not communicate due to a mental health condition and had limited understanding of the situation...
KPD Patrol Officers Responded to Trios Medical Center ER
KPD Patrol officers responded to Trios Medical Center ER on Monday, 07 August 2017 approximately 2100 hours after Mr. Ahrens was admitted for treatment for a puncture wound to his upper back. Upon contact, Mr. Ahrens reported upon arriving at his residence earlier that evening, he was confronted ins…
Kennewick Boneheads Steal From Walmart
According to Kennewick police departments facebook page:
I swear some people wake up and say "Gee how can I screw my life up some more"
Don't these people realize cameras are everywhere!!
Shoplifting Suspects: The male and female in this photo are suspected of trying to ste…

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